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Off Town Kitchen
Fresh Fruit Mille-feuille Birthday Cake

What makes it a Signature?


Freshly baked puff pastry

Freshly whipped cream with expensive Mascarpone Cheese from Italy

Fresh Fruit inside the layer

Passion from the chefs to create beautiful shaped mille-feuille

The combination of Mascarpone cream and fresh fruit is something beyond your imagination. 


Refreshing, light, and the small hint of mascarpone cheese matches perfectly and not domining the freshness of fruit, what a balance in both texture and taste.


Signature Mille-feuille Collection

Pre-order, 3 Days

​Baked to Order Fresh Fruit Mille-feuille

Choice of Size, in Square orLetter
5 inches $370
7 inches $555
9 inches $740

Choice of Fruit
Blueberry / Mango +$0
Strawberry +$20
Mix of 2 Fruits +$10
Choco Sign +$10


5吋 $370
7吋 $555
9吋 $740

藍苺/芒果  +$0
⼠多啤梨 +$20
兩款鮮果 +$10
朱古⼒牌 +$10

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